“China will remain a global leader in many fields”

“China will remain a global leader in many fields”

by Marcela GANEA


Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu, retired astronaut and former president of the Association of Space Explorers has recently been an online speaker during the 3rd China Space Conference and China International Commercial Space Online Symposium, an event organized by FutureSpace Institute and supervised by China National Space Administration together with other Chinese Space organizations.

As an expert in Space, Prunariu believes that China’s vivid Space activity is the proof that China has an exceptional economy and can afford that, and no one should underestimate China’s industrial and research capabilities.

Moreover, during the 3rd China Space Conference and China International Commercial Space Online Symposium, it turned out that many foreign Space professionals rely on China and Chinese capabilities.

“No one should forget that China is building its own space station on its own, and currently has the biggest number of space manned and unmanned missions, probes and satellite launchings. A country that can afford such an advanced Space activity implemented on its own is definitely a country that has reached the level of development and has so many scientific and technological achievements that cannot be ignored. During the 3rd China Space Conference and China International Commercial Space Online Symposium, all speakers referred to China as the future of the Space-related activities and the most important partner in large-scale Space projects. Jean-Jacques Dordain, former president of the European Space Agency, declared that his biggest dream is to see the Chinese Space Station operational and the Chinese taikonauts  on joint missions onboard with other astronauts. Sir Martin Sweeting, from Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd  of the University of Surrey,  expressed his hope that China’s 5G capabilities will play a major role and act as a valuable  asset for developing Space missions.  Marc Serres, CEO of Luxembourg Space Agency, boasted with their excellent cooperation with leading Chinese companies and with the MoU signed with the Chinese National Space Agency   in 2018 for the peaceful exploration of Space,  which other  countries such as the Australia, UAE joined later on. So, you see, many people are relying on China!”

Prunariu thinks that China is and will remain a global leader in many fields because it has the resources, economic strength, perfect organization, vision,  and has been capable of great achievements. Many countries will still turn to China for business. Its role will not decrease, but it will change according to the new developments, and China will have to be smart to communicate well and to understand its new role.

In 2013, China launched the Spatial Information Corridor to contribute to UNISPACE + 50, aiming at cooperation in Space activities with 65 countries along the Belt and Road.

The Spatial Corridor was launched to contribute to Space capacity-building of developing countries in fields such as: earth observation, communications and broadcasting, navigation and positioning, remote-sensing satellite constellation, APSCO Joint Small Multi-mission Satellite Constellation Program and University Small Satellite Project Development, Moon, Mars and other deep space exploration programs and technical cooperation, inclusion in China’s manned space exploration program, ground data receiving stations and communications gateway stations, space debris monitoring, early warning, mitigation and protection, Space law, policy and standards.

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